Stian Joneid is a singer (b. 1978) known in Norway as the frontman in the band Stråmenn, well known for their TV appearances on "Hver Gang Vi Møtes" and several other shows of the same type, and as the lead singer in two full seasons of "Dancing With The Stars". He's also been working with and singing with artists all across the board from Bonnie Tyler via Carola Häggqvist to E-Type, Style, Katrina & The Waves, Cutting Crew, Chesney Hawkes and, over to Norwegian superstars like Morten Abel (September When), YLVIS, Kurt Nilsen, Anneli Drecker (Bel Canto) and Halvdan Sivertsen.

He's also been a huge part of the Queen show "The Show Must Go On", put on by Åge Steen Nilsen (Wig Wam), and he's also currently a part of a huge The Beatles show that is touring Norway, entitled "It Was Fifty Years Ago Today".

Locally he's co-written the goal-hymn for the local top-flight soccer team Sarpsborg 08. ♥

Needless to say, Stian knows his way around the music-business, and FINALLY, time has come for him to do something "on his own".

During a vacation in Hawaii in 2011, Joneid heard the track "Overboard" being played on guitar on a beach by a local Hawaiian, and it didn't take long before Joneid was practicing with this local guy, learning the track and jamming it on the beaches of Hawaii. The song stuck with him, and when work recently started on his first solo-album that is planned for release spring 2016, he went straight back to that track and wanted to record it. Through Eric Dacoscos Malalis, the local Hawaiian musician, he got in touch with the Aussie songwriter, Brian Henderson Ward, who originally wrote the track "Overboard".

The song was previously unreleased, but with a blessing from Ward, Stian went into a local studio in Sarpsborg, Norway, and recorded the single-version of "Overboard" that now will be released on the April 27th!

So, an Australian track, discovered in Hawaii, recorded in Norway, how much more international can you get?

Therefore it's now time to launch "Overboard" into international waters!

♪♪ Love is an ocean, I've been clinging to the shore, cut loose this life-line, I don't need it anymore. Love is an ocean, uncharted - unexplored, set me in motion, throw me overboard ♪♪